No One Can Chart Your Course To Success…But You

I’ve read dozens of (more if you ask my wife) self-help books and although I learned at least something from most of them, none provided me with the “solution” I was looking for. None provided the specific instructions that would finally work for me and give me the life I wanted. All would fall short or prove unachievable or unsustainable for me. The enthusiasm would drain, the quick high would wear off, the latest fad simply did not work for ME for one reason or another.

So what now? I started to feel that the self-help industry thrived by generating demand for itself and that I was just another sucker that fed the industry without realizing the promised dreams if I just followed these “simple rules” or made these “easy changes” to my life.

I no longer feel like a sucker, as over the years I realized that I have been taking bits and pieces from each of these formulas and fads and what I really needed to do was to create my own formula. No one else’s formula was ever likely to work for me unless someone with my unique challenges and disorders and allergies and weaknesses and strenghts and gifts and environment and motivation and energy created a formula and published it. And even if they did the market would be so small it would inevitably fail…a market of two would not sustain it. What I needed to do was create my own personal formula based on everything I have learned and custom fit for ME.

So what I offer up on this site is not another in the endless series of self-help trends and one-size fits all formulas…but rather a new approach to help YOU create a formula (or what I will refer to as a MAP) for yourself. A map that takes tips from the lifestyle design gurus and the self-help masters and the productivity bloggers and charts a course that gets you from where YOU are to where YOU want to be. It won’t be easy and the maps I provide most likely will NOT work for you (how is that for a marketing approach)…but if you come here looking for a simple and easy to  follow formula then you have missed the point, you are in the wrong place…but don’t worry there are plenty of books and blogs and programs out there for you…trust me I KNOW!

Here is a sample a very simple map that helped me get my goals and tasks organized. I have revised this map and no longer use RememberTheMilk for tasks, but I’ll explain that later…I just wanted to share a quick and simple map. I’ll do my best to give credit where credit is due and provide links and references to the thought leaders and lifestyle explorers that I am using to help chart my course. I am simply a map maker…not a pioneer like Tim Ferriss of the 4-Hour Workweek or a simplicity and productivity guru like Leo Babauta of Zen Habits.

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  1. Paying attention to little details is something most of us tend to forget. But it is these little things that count significantly. In the long run paying attention to them can avoid looming problems for us and the reverse is also true. There is no such well defined and fixed recipe for success. It is always relative and varies with individual.

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