Top 5 Most Compelling Reasons to Read This Blog

dscn26791. Your life is not an adventure. You want to get excited about something again, like when you were a kid. You want to experience “flow” every day…not once in a blue moon. You’re bored. But every time you try to make time for yourself something else comes up. Some other pressing need: the house, co-workers, the boss, etc…and then there is no time left for you.

2. You have read “How To” and “Self Help” books but yet…here you are still. You try to follow the tips and advise of experts, but it doesn’t work for you. You give yourself positive affirmations every morning and focus all your energy on the “Top 5…” and yet 2 hours into the day you find yourself relying on your old habits and your day turns out the same as the last.

3. Your time is “limited” (true…we all have the same number of hours in a day but it seems like you have so much more to do than anyone else and you don’t have any help) . You’re life has become overwhelming. It seems like the only time you have to yourself is when you are too tired to do anything with it.

4. You really don’t want to work 24 hours a day and never sleep or take a break. You don’t want to reinvent the wheel either, you prefer to learn from others and maximize your time. You don’t want to develop a totally revolutionary system to enhanced productivity…but if someone has invented one that will work for you, you want to know about it. You want to focus on the the things you want, not meeting all of your obligations to everyone else.

5. You just want to learn how to make your own maps…cool!

Let’s get started then. Click on one of the categories on the right and find an article that applies to you and start reading. Most importantly, find something to get excited about and map out your course to change. YOUR course to change.

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  1. Hey there! I’ve followed you over here from the 31DBBB forums. I’m just getting started on the tasks (I know; I’m late!) and I’m reading through people’s elevator pitches. Yours worked! I was instantly interested. I’m going to explore your site and will probably subscribe to the feed. I’m really interested to learn more.

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