I make treasure maps. Is your life an adventure?

I can help you chart your course to the treasures you seek. I’ve set out an adventure with a team of the best explorers, most daring discoverers and fearless pirates the world has ever seen. This team cuts through endless seas of information overload in the dark of night in pursuit of the treasures that some people think no longer exist…but they are wrong. We get stuck, we get lost…it’s a very confusing and overwhelming world; this team can show us the way. (Read about some of the team in The Top 4 Most Likely People to Change Your Life…for the Better.)

What I hope to leave behind is a set of maps and charts for my kids. More importantly, I hope to be able to teach them to make their own maps…to find the treasures they seek. You are welcome to come along and use these maps.

BACKGROUND: It took me years to figure out what my path was. I read dozens of self-help books, took online quizzes, searched my soul and still found no answers. It seemed that as soon as I found something that fit and started moving in that direction, regardless of how excited I was, it was only a matter of time before I lost enthusiasm and felt that I was trying to live someone else’s life. Then after years and years of this (about 11 years to be exact) it hit me…

This site is about learning to make maps. Plain and simple. Visual aids to get us from here to there, wherever your here or there happens to be. Making good maps is a skill that anyone can learn. The tools that can be used are limitless and I will cover as many as I can as I continue to explore and refine my own map habit. I would love your feedback – the good, the bad and the ugly – just give it to me (I’ve been an IT Manager for 5 years and have developed a relatively thick skin to criticism and try to learn from it when I can).

My name is gavin and I have the map habit.

Published on February 23, 2009 at 10:08 am  Comments (3)  

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  1. Hi Gavin,
    loved your Elevator Pitch on the 31 day challenge – it obviously worked – there are a few of us here visiting your site.
    My feedback is – more pictures please!
    It would be great to see more pictures of your actual maps, as you are obviously so passionate about them and you write about them so well.
    In this sense the header image is beautiful but frustrating – it sets you up for adventure and discovery, but when you click on your categories, you get the same image. If this was balanced by lovely pictures of details, snippets, clues, it would reflect your text and ultimately be more rewarding.

    Hope this helps

  2. Hi Gavin…
    Thank you for your Map Habit, plain and simple! I’m a visual, creative soul..and can switch gears in a blink of an eye; I do need bells and whisltes to steer me back on track..so a map sounds ideal (mind mapping didn’t work…I had too many bubbles and was distracting). I just have to make sure I don’t let making the map keep me from doing the tasks! I love making stuff so much, I get into the flow and stay there. Oh..I found your blog via Kathryn at True North Arts and twitter. Looking forward to mapping it! ~CHeryl

  3. …and to echo Michelle… visuals are a good co-teacher; they also help me remember what’s impt. better… I think in pictures, so when I read something I’m converting and downloading the words into into picture form…a map or chart so to speak…so I can “get it”. Keep up the great work!

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