The Avenger Monster Truck

“dynamic quality…the capacity of acting or being active…a usually positive spiritual force” Merriam-Webster

ENERGY, ENERGY, ENERGY…we all want more of it. But, how do we get it? There are countless health and diet and exercise books out there…and I’ve READ quite a few. However, the elusive energy is still not mine. The goal of this page is to chart the course to more ENERGY and EXCITEMENT!

Top 42 Exercise Hacks (from Leo of

Pirate FoodI have had some some success changing my diet…but it seems to be an all or nothing thing with me. I have a number of food allergies and if I am not avoiding those foods then it really doesn’t matter how “healthy” the food is according to other people…it doesn’t give me energy. The theme you will see throughout this site is that other people’s plans and tips and tricks often won’t work for you. You have to find what works for you with all of your unique strengths and weaknesses. In general I think the “less is best” when it comes to food.  I have found eating less actually gives me more energy as long as I am getting the basics covered. I have been reading a lot about vegan/vegetarian diets and although I struggle to maintain those diets they do work for me. Here are a couple of sites to learn more:

Click here for more…

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